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Experience that Matters

The Law Firm of Keegan & Myers is one of the greater Sacramento’s areas most experienced law firms.  We offer more than 30 years of expertise in the areas of divorce, legal separation, child custody, support issues, mediation services, and retirement division (QDRO).

We care and we want to help!  Let our legal experts answer your questions and see how we can help you with a low-cost initial CONSULTATION. Call 916-780-0440 or email us at your convenience and let us help schedule your consultation.


Our firm is also highly recommended for issues relating to division of retirement benefits (QDRO) and divorce mediation.


Whether you need the services of a Sacramento divorce lawyer, assistance with child support issues, or QDRO consulting, we have experience to assist you.


Each partner sits as a Judge Pro Tem for the Sacramento County Superior Court in Family Law matters and has strong ties to the community and the profession.


Are you facing Family Law issues?  Not sure what you should do or must do to protect yourself and your family?  Then contact one of our lawyers for a low-cost consultation and start protecting yourself today.

Contact the experts of Keegan & Myers by Calling 916-780-0440 or CLICK HERE and schedule your low-cost initial CONSULTATION right now!


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