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  • Telling Your Children About Divorce

    Once you make the decision to move forward with your divorce, you will have to inform your children of this major life change, which might very well be the most difficult conversation you will ever experience. Your children might have already sensed the tension, overheard some of your fights, but actually breaking the news to them is an entirely different thing and you must be prepared for the ...
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  • Tips for Dads Fighting for Child Custody

    In the past, it was generally expected for a mother to win custody of the children, putting fathers at a disadvantage in this area. This is certainly no longer the case. However, while courts generally put the best interests of children first, setting aside any preferences for a particular parent, it is still not always easy for fathers to win, especially if the mother is also filing for custody. ...
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  • Biggest Divorce Mistakes

    Divorce can be complex and emotionally draining to all parties involved. Frustration and heartbreak may cause us to act uncharacteristically or make decisions based on our feelings instead of rationality, causing a strain in the divorce proceedings and in the relationships with loved ones. The following are the biggest divorce mistakes that can jeopardize the outcome of your case: Bad-mouthing ...
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  • Using Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce Case

    More now than ever, many of us share our lives online through social media, posting photos of vacations, purchases, well-plated meals, or just our day-to-day activities. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not only frivolously fun, but also allow us the ability to remain in close contact with friends and family in situations where distance might be a factor. While this ...
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  • Common Child Custody Issues Parents Face

    If you are in the midst of a divorce and have children, your primary concern is likely their wellbeing and the question of custody. This does not have to turn into a nasty battle, however. There are ways for parents to reach resolutions that work for both households and place as little stress on the children as possible. Here are some of the issues you will likely come across as you negotiate ...
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  • Common Divorce Myths Explained

    We have all been exposed to various stories of divorce, some of which ended well or in disaster. There is so much information that it can sometimes be difficult to separate fact from fiction. The truth is every divorce is different and no two situations are exactly alike, so you cannot expect your own divorce to follow any of the accounts you have heard. Take some time to debunk and dispel some of ...
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