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If you are looking to file for divorce, adopt a child, or make any other significant changes to your family structure, you most likely will need a skilled lawyer to help you navigate the confusing and often-intimidating legal processes that are involved. The skilled Roseville family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Keegan & Myers, PC can help you with any of your family law needs.

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Our firm specializes strictly in family law practice, giving us a unique edge of focus and experience to handle whatever your case may be. We offer a broad scope of family law services which we customize based on your unique situation and pursue swift and decisive legal solutions that are beneficial to all parties involved. Additionally, we are also one of a select few local firms who is qualified to handle and prepare Division of Retirement. We always make sure the needs of your family come first and we strive to resolve all our clients legal issues as efficiently as possible.

Why should you choose to hire the Law Offices of Keegan & Myers, PC?

Compassionate Representation for the Most Difficult Situations

At the Law Offices of Keegan & Myers, PC, we understand that family law is often highly contentious and emotionally charged. We treat each case with the highest degree of care and understanding. Above all, we strive to protect your family’s well-being while simultaneously fighting for your best interests, no matter the issue. We also offer low-cost 30-minute initial consultations to help keep our services affordable and within your budget.

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